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Customer Experience

We have extensive knowledge of Customer Experience, and we recognise the value of customer insight and the need for customer focused propositions.  Through customer journey mapping we have developed industry leading propositions, helping our clients from across the industry to deliver both customer & commercial benefits.

Our work has included customer experience deep dives, focusing on the ‘pain points’ & ‘moments of delight’ at each customer touchpoint and stage of the customer journey.

We have helped a number of clients deliver marked improvements in customer engagement and implemented innovative industry leading propositions.

Examples projects include:

  • Created industry leading customer care policies including Accessible Travel Plans, Complaints Handling Procedures, Passenger Information During Disruption, Revenue Protection plans and Customer Charters.

  • Developed, designed and mobilised the Customer Experience strategy for a new TOC.

  • Developed customer propositions that have challenged industry norms, taken advantage of innovation and used best practices from across the retail & hospitality sectors in order to deliver an experience that transformed travel and gained significant market share.

  • Developed, designed and mobilised innovative, industry leading catering propositions.

  • Evaluated and produced Customer Experience business plan submissions.

  • Undertook review and audits of TOC customer experience regulatory compliance.

  • Experienced users of National Rail Passenger Satisfaction (NRPS) survey and Service Quality (SQ) data, understanding the key drivers and using this knowledge to target improvements for operators.

  • Negotiated Service Quality contractual benchmarks for UK operators.

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