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Bid Development & Support

WPA has extensive experience in supporting the development of rail contract bids, from GB Franchise and Concession bids, to bids for overseas rail and light rail operations contracts, and to recent Annual Business Plan submissions for TOCs.  Our Partners have authored Annual Business Plans and performance and alliancing plans, and have developed bid performance and crowding models, and models to quantify the financial risk associated with contractual performance regimes.

We have recently supported DfT in the letting of a National Rail Contract for an Operator and have extensive experience of bid evaluation. Recently we have evaluated TOC delivery against the contractual requirements outlined in the EMA and ERMA contracts put in place by DfT and Transport Scotland during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Example projects include:

  • Authored the Annual Business Plan submission for a TOC and developed performance forecasts to support this submission.

  • Developed performance specifications and targets as part of  technical advisory teams for both Transport Scotland and DfT, including for a recent National Rail Contract.

  • Evaluation of TOC delivery against contractual EMA and ERMA requirements for both DfT and Transport Scotland, focusing on operational delivery and customer experience.

  • Provided timetable, crowding and commercial advice to both bidders and technical advisory teams, and developed crowding models to support bid submissions.

  • Led workstreams across many disciplines during franchise and concession bids as well as mobilisation stages, including train services, performance, Network Rail interfacing and alliancing.

  • Evaluated performance trends and developing performance forecast models for franchise and concession bids, both in the UK and overseas, including the financial risk associated with contractual performance regimes.

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