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Steve Curtis


Steve uses his prior experience, coupled with analytical and modelling skills to determine the best solution to a wide range of challenges, including maximising timetable revenue and minimising overcrowding. Steve has worked on numerous franchises, both bidder side and for the Department for Transport.

Key skills and attributes include:

  •  Strong analytical and modelling skills, with the ability to succinctly and effectively communicate outputs

  •  Extensive franchise bid experience, covering model building, plan writing and DfT assessment

  •  Modelling and evaluation of on-train crowding, through use of industry tools or development of bespoke models

  •  Timetable specification and development

  •  Experienced user of MOIRA and MOIRA2

  •  Sound understanding of principles behind demand and revenue forecasting and the use of PDFH.

Mobile: +44 (0)7816 109783

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