WPA specialise in a number of areas of consultancy...

Performance Management

WPA is the acknowledged UK rail industry leader in independent performance assessments and the delivery of underpinning process improvements. We specialise in customer focused improvements – from verification & validation to development and implementation of new or refined performance management arrangements. We also have expert capability in the analysis of industry performance data and development of performance forecasting models.

Passenger Information Management

WPA undertook the initial scoping and development of the UK PIDD arrangements and we have consistently championed the incorporation of passenger information provision into all operational delivery processes. Our work has helped a number of Train Operators deliver marked improvements in customer satisfaction. We can confidently validate, review and realign all business critical information arrangements using our extensive experience and understanding of this vital aspect.

Regulatory Support and Reporting

WPA has worked extensively with the Office of Road and Rail (ORR) in providing support through both the periodic reviews in the run up to the regulatory settlements and working as part of the Independent Reporter team in both CP4 and CP5 (working with Arup). We have worked across a wide range of subject areas including performance, safety, network capacity, renewals volumes and maintenance. We have also undertaken bespoke investigations such as into the implementation of ITPS. This work has built on our industry knowledge to give us a deep understanding of the regulatory framework in the UK rail industry.

Operational Delivery

This is a core WPA specialism underpinned by significant line management experience in rail operations. We have an excellent understanding of operational dynamics including strategic safety management, formal systems engineering and new systems & new trains projects. We have been closely involved in many projects aimed at improving operational efficiency and safety. WPA can help bring a more consistent, structured and systematic approach to every aspect of safe operational delivery and to the management of change and innovation.

Revenue Analysis

WPA has specialist expertise in the analysis of rail revenue and demand data. We have a detailed understanding of the process of revenue allocation within the rail industry, including extensive knowledge of how ticket revenue in Greater London from the Travelcard and Pay As You Go products is apportioned. We have expertise in the use of industry standard analysis tools such as MOIRA and LENNON.

Franchise and Concession Advice

WPA has helped a number of new established franchises/concessions during mobilisation and we have become acknowledged experts in helping to deliver ‘100 day’ plans. From help with the formulation and successful delivery of remedial and improvement plans to the implementation of committed obligations, we can help with the timely and successful delivery of business critical change. We also have experience in Due Diligence work on PPP/PFI projects and mobilisation progress for clients, vendors and lenders.

Cross Industry Process Development

The importance of aligned and integrated processes that are focused on customer needs is increasingly recognised (particularly in cross business activities). The WPA approach is to optimise the required outcomes from the customer’s perspective as well as that of the business. This has been used to excellent effect in areas such as passenger information delivery and customer service. WPA has a proven track record in taking an independent view and offering practical solutions to complex cross-functional aspects of business delivery.

Risk Management and Safety Assurance

We have extensive experience in this area and fully understand the practicalities of successful safety risk management. This expertise has been used to positive effect in USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, in operational management, integration, safety approval and readiness for service of new trains and new rail systems. Our understanding of operational dynamics, human factors and the control of risk enables us to help our clients maintain a relentless but flexible focus on risk management and safety assurance. Our ability to act impartially in assessments (such as ISA work) and independent investigations is of particular value to many clients.

Bid Development and Support

WPA has extensive UK experience in Franchise and Concession bidding, both as performance plan authors (including the provision of supporting analysis and the development of Performance Models) and as bid assessors. We have worked on almost all DfT franchise competitions post-privatisation, as well as the most recent TfL concession competitions. Our partners have deep experience as accredited EFQM assessors and in the DfT’s assessment approach. Our Production, Customer Service and Operational safety experience, together with the extensive work we have undertaken for a wide variety of bidders over the last 15 years, means we understand operational dynamics and the key drivers of excellent delivery. WPA can bring this unparalleled understanding, innovation and flair to any rail franchise, concession, service provision or rolling stock bid.

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