Risk Management and Safety Assurance

We have extensive experience in this area and fully understand the practicalities of successful safety risk management. This expertise has been used to positive effect in USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, in operational management, integration, safety approval and readiness for service of new trains and new rail systems. Our understanding of operational dynamics, human factors and the control of risk enables us to help our clients maintain a relentless but flexible focus on risk management and safety assurance. Our ability to act impartially in assessments (such as ISA work) and independent investigations is of particular value to many clients.

  •  Independent investigations and inquiries into high-risk safety and performance near misses and accidents

  •  Management and delivery of Safety Validation services for an overseas operator seeking to restructure and reorganise to drive efficiencies and greater focus on risk management

  •  Contributor to Preliminary Hazard Analysis for the Digital Railway Programme - focus on application of the Common Safety Methods and operational risks

  •  Taiwan High Speed Railway – Operations lead expert on the Independent Validation & Verification team

  •  Review of GTR and NR response to flooding in Clerkenwell Tunnel.