Regulatory Support and Reporting

WPA has worked extensively with the Office of Road and Rail (ORR) in providing support through both the periodic reviews in the run up to the regulatory settlements and working as part of the Independent Reporter team in both CP4 and CP5 (working with Arup). We have worked across a wide range of subject areas including performance, safety, network capacity, renewals volumes and maintenance. We have also undertaken bespoke investigations such as into the implementation of ITPS. This work has built on our industry knowledge to give us a deep understanding of the regulatory framework in the UK rail industry.

Example projects include:

  •  Senior Reporters during CP4, carrying out reviews across a wide range of areas including:

    •  Performance;

    •  Network Availability;

    •  Safety;

    •  Renewals Volumes; and

    •  Maintenance

  •  Provision of independent reporter support to ORR for HS1

  •  Undertaking bespoke investigations for ORR into specific issues, for example investigating the implementation of ITPS following formal complaints by TOCs to ORR

  •  Independent review of NRs Performance and Operational staffing plans for CP4 as part of the PR08 process - the findings were used by ORR to produce the CP4 final settlement

  •  Supporting the PR13 review process (working with Arup), in particular supporting the individual NR Route reviews, chairing many of the detailed infrastructure review meetings.